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Section A2 Firewarden John Carbone
Type 6 Engine A2
Oak Ridge, New Jersey 

District 1
Firewarden Brian Drake 2D1
West Milford, New Jersey 

District 3
Firewarden Chris Murphy 2D3
Mahwah, New Jersey 

District 5
Firewarden Matt Parrello 2D5
Type 6 Engine A28
Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ 

District 7
Currently Vacant 

District 9
Firewarden Ed Haffy 2D9
Fairlawn, New Jersey 

Firewarden at Large 2DAL
Currently Vacant
Chief Firewarden
Smokey Bear- Commander in Chief 

District 2
Firewarden John Livesey 2D2
Type 6 Engine A17
Ringwood, New Jersey 

District 4
Firewarden Ed Seifert 2D4
Type 6 Engine A16
Oakland, New Jersey 

District 6
Firewarden Rob Woods IV 2D6
Hewitt, New Jersey

District 8
Firewarden Anthony Parrello 2D8
West Milford, New Jersey 

District 10
Firewarden Ray Grimes 2D10
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Ramapo Tower (on call) 

New Jersey Title 13:9-16. Obstruction, threat, abuse, assault, injury, or interference with firewarden, deputies or assistants. No person shall obstruct, threaten, abuse, assault, injure or in anyway interfere with any firewarden, his deputies or any one or more of them, in the performance of any duty under this chapter.
13:9-17. Right of trespass to extinguish wildfire; right of entry to inspect No action for trespass shall lie against any person crossing or working upon lands of another to extinguish wildfire. Any duly authorized employee of the department and any law enforcement officer or fire protection officer having jurisdiction to enforce any provision of this amendatory and supplementary act shall have power to enter upon any forest lands at any time in order to inspect the same and to ascertain the degree of compliance with this act and rule, regulation or order adopted pursuant to this act.