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NO campfire restrictions are currently in effect.
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During periods of drought or high fire danger, campfires may be prohibited in accordance with the following guidelines:

Stage 1 - Fires directly on the ground will be prohibited unless they are in a prepared fire ring.
Fires on mineral soil which will not endanger the forest, such as in a gravel pit, may be permitted at the discretion of the forest firewarden issuing the permit. A prepared fire pit must be constructed of steel,stone brick or concretewith a gravel or masonry base. 

Stage 2 - All fires in wooded areas will be prohibited unless they are in an elevated fireplace,elevated charcoal grill or a stove using electricity, liquid or gas fuel. An elevated prepared fireplace must be constructed of steel, stone, brick or concrete. The firebox must be elevated one foot above the ground surface and be surrounded by at least ten feet radius clearance of mineral soil.

Stage 3 - All fires in wooded areas will be prohibited unlessthey are contained in an elevated stove, using only propane, natural gas or electricity. No charcoal fires are allowed!

Recreational Fires
The “ General Forest Fire Act” (N.J.S.A. 13:9 et. Al.) requires that before having any fire within a forested area, you must contact the nearest Forest Fire Service office to request a permit. You may also need a permit from the local fire official or NJ Division of Fire Safety.

Recreational Fire Permits may be issued as follows:

 Event: Ceremonial or non-residential event up to 2 days
• Regular: Residential use up to 30 days
• Seasonal: Approved recreation areas up to 90 days

Recreational permits are issued free of charge and should be requested at least 10 days in advance. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is required for processing.

No permits may be issued for a fire that is in violation of the State Air Pollution Code or conflicts with the State Fire Prevention Code.

Permits may be secured with the understanding that they give the holder no right to enter or use the property of another without the owner’s permission.

Permits are not transferable, must be in possession of the person doing the burning and shown upon request.

Firewardens may place any restrictions or special conditions on burning those local conditions may warrant.

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