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"Tell me and I forget; Show me and I remember; Involve me and I understand." - Unknown

 To sign up, contact Div. A headquarters at (973) 786-6350  For all courses, the Fireline Handbook and Incident Response Pocket Guide are required!

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*S-130/190 Wildland FF/Intro to Fire Behavior - 2017
February 25, 26  March 5, 11, 12, 18 - 0800-1600 hrs. at Andover Headquarters
TIMS-Traffic Incident Management- Mandatory for crew and wardens!
*2017 RT-130 Safety Refresher  - Mandatory for crew and wardens! Call the office to register - Limit 27 per class
January 28, 2017 at Erskine Lakes Firehouse 0900-1300 hrs.
*S-215 Urban Interface
June 6, 8, 13, 15 1830-2230 at Division A

S-211 Pumps
May 16, 18 1830-2230 and May 20 0800-1600 at Division A
S-231 Engine Boss
June 3, 4  0800-1600 at Division A
NJ Off Road Engine Operator - OREO
May 6, 7 0800 - 1600 and Field Day May 13th at Division A
I-100  ICS Level 1
Can be taken from CD or online at:
Pack Test/Red Card Certifications
ATV Safety
Annual District Wardens Meeting
March 4th at Waterloo Village Reception Hall 0800-1200

  • Firefighter safety comes first on every wildland fire, every time.
  • The Standard Firefighting Orders are firm; we don’t break them, we don’t bend them.
  •  Every firefighter has the right to a safe assignment.
  •  Every Agency Administrator, every Wildland Fire Manager, every fireline supervisor, and every firefighter is responsible to ensure that established safe practices are known and observed.